How to keep your Jetski safe using Blipbr GPS

Blipbr keeps your jetski or boat safe

Ideal for Jetski's, PWC's, Boats and other Watercraft

Jetski’s and Boats are fun, but not when you worry about where they are!
Whether it’s your personal jetski or a rental fleet, the Blipbr is the best way to ensure you can prevent theft or find your jetski should it be stolen or used when it shouldn’t be.
Simply place a Blipbr in one of your ski’s compartments, or attach it with a cable-tie and you can keep track of your ski’s location, and even set a Movement Alert, when you want to be warned if the ski moves.
Here are a few reasons why Blipbr is the ideal solution for jetskis and boats:

  • Waterproof to IP67 standard
  • Easy Install – simply Place ‘n Trace!
  • Works anywhere there is cellular coverage
  • Small and compact size means it is easy to hide in the ski
  • Own batteries so doesn’t flatten your ski battery
  • Works even if the jetski battery is disconnected
Blipbr GPS for boats & yachts
Blipbr GPS for trailer boats
Blipbr keeps your jetski or boat safe

How will Blipbr keep my stuff safe?

Place a Blipbr on any valuable item and the intelligent motion sensor and high-sensitivity GPS will detect any movement and display the location on your phone with immediate App notifications and email alerts.

Blipbr utilises the 4 key functions below… 

Blipbr's 4 key functions keep your stuff safe!

Locate | Movement Alarm | Recoveryy Mode | Quick History

Live Tracking of All your Assets


Easily keep an eye on all your stuff with the App or website.

Blipbr easily set a movement alert

Movement Alarm

Email and App alerts when your stuff moves!

Blipbr gps easyily set recovery mode for real-time tracking

Recovery Mode

Switch into Recovery Mode for real-time tracking.

Blipbe GPS quick history slider

Quick History

Keeps an accurate record of trip and location history.

Take a tour of the Blipbr App features.

Packed with invaluable and easy-to-use features.

Watch the slider presentation below.

Live view

Easily keep track of all your Blipbr stuff in real time!

Quickly view history for each asset

Quick History

Use the Quick History slider to view recent history up to 30 days
Live tracking of all your assets

Intelligent Tracking

Blipbr detects and records trips while preserving battery!
Quickly view history for each asset

Movement Alert

Set a Movement Alert to know when your Blipbr moves next!
Live tracking of all your assets

Set Recovery Mode

Begin live tracking if your asset is missing!
Live tracking of all your assetss

Notification Alerts

Easily set which email and App notifications you need!

What can I keep safe with Blipbr?

You can keep nearly anything that’s valuable to you safe with a Blipbr!